A designer for a lifetime…

Turns entrepreneur @ 60.

“Creating new designs for my family has always given me a sense of fulfillment. This venture is my humble attempt to give my post 60’s days a deeper meaning by making my designs reach more people.”

Every month we will bring you a collection of clothing articles that are one of a kind. We make sure that these are original designs and are never repeated again. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on each month’s collection.

Unique designs

Truly limited edition articles. Only one of a kind.

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Monthly Collections

A new collection of 4 articles every month.

Exquisite Collections

Designs you would instantly fall in love with.

This winter drape yourselves in our elegant collection of stoles made from handwoven warm fabric from Kutchh, Gujarat. Each of these stoles is decorated with hand embroidered designs with a statement. Each design signifies a different mood and occasion. Choose the one that suits you or choose them all!

Mellow Pear

Accented by deep purple, this rich stole is fit for classy parties and traditional gatherings alike. Drape it over a kameez or casually wrap it around the neck on a t-shirt, the purple coneflowers will surely stand out.

Product Id: #202001

Price: ₹1500

Delicate Fern

This black fringed stole effuses elegance. Throw it over a saree or a high necked kameez and immediately become distinguished at any elite gathering. The embroidery is a form of traditional art called “baavadiyaa” from Saurashtra region in gujarat. It signifies dignity and and power.

Product Id: #202002

Price: ₹1500

Majestic Magenta

You cannot go wrong with Magenta. It brings out the emotional harmony that defines your character. Lined with beautiful orchids and trimmed with a fringe of black, this stole makes up for the best accessory for business meetings and family functions alike.

Product Id: #202003

Price: ₹1500

Vermilion Red

Let this one show your determination and strength. Vermilion signifies female energy which is the center stone of our culture. Accompanying this are the daffodils that signify birth and new beginnings. Full of cultural elements, this stole is a perfect add on to your saree.

Product Id: #202004

Price: ₹1500

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